Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Off Season

It starts in the spring. Trees are blooming, the sun is shining.
The perfect time to start tennis.
The game has rules that most don’t know. I learn those rules, so I can compete.
Competing is what makes it so fun.
Warming up is the chance to intimidate.
Intimidate your opponent so they choke.
Once you get in their head, its over before you even start.
The first toss is in the air. You keep your eye on the ball. Nothing can distract you.
The next thing you know, your arm is flying as high as it can go.
You meet the ball in your strings, and your wrist snaps down.
The perfect serve.
The ball goes into your opponent’s body. The underrated shot that no one can stop.
You continue to dominate the first game.
It is the time to switch sides, and see what the other man can do.
The first serve is a fault. You move in closer for the second serve. The ball goes in, you smash it back.
The first rally of the game begins. This is a test of the mind. You work your opponent back and forth, wearing him down.
The ball goes where you want it. Corner to corner until you trick him and hit it on the same side.
He trips trying to switch directions. You make him look like a fool.
You dominate the rest of that match, and the rest of the regular season.
After that is where the real competition begins.
You start at districts. You are challenged at first, then you realize you can win.
Your team cheers you on, wanting you to go your farthest.
You win districts and head for state.
The first match is a struggle, barely pulling off the win.
Second round. It is close the whole time, but now you lose.
Congratulations go to your opponent. You tried your best.
There is always someone better than you,
But that is why you have the off season.

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